If your ThermApparel Cooling Packs freeze in funny shapes don’t stress! It’s a quick and easy fix.

  1. Place a mixing bowl in your sink and run some warm water. Toss your ThermApparel Cooling Packs into the warm water and let them melt until they are squishy (you don’t have to melt them to liquid). You might have to change out the water as it gets cold or leave the faucet running.  

  2. Once melted, lay them flat in ice water, the fridge, the freezer, a cold surface, or even the snow or a cold stream. (Ice Water Tip: Push them down to the bottom of the container so they lie flat.)

  3. Wait for them to refreeze - 20 minutes in ice water, 40 minutes in the fridge, 60 minutes in the freezer, overnight in a cold room lying on a hard surface, or 5-30 minutes in the snow or cold stream.

  4. After recharge, they will be flat and ready to go.

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