ThermApparel Cooling Packs will freeze in any environment under 70°F/21°C. Lay your Cooling Packs flat in ice water, the fridge, the freezer, a cold mountain stream, snow, or a hard cold surface in a cold room.

Recharging times:
20 min ice water
45 min freezer
60 min fridge
5 - 30 min for snow and cold mountain stream (depends on the temp of the snow and water)
8-12 hours on a hard cold surface in a room below 70F / 21C

Watch Julia explain the 3 different ways you can recharge your ThermApparel Cooling Packs

Watch Brad explain how ThermApparel Cooling Packs recharge... and why you should eat Oreos on camera and try to talk. or in other words... Mom is right, don't eat and talk with your mouth full. laugh

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