ThermaApparel Cooling Packs need to be held snuggly In the Vest Garment so they don't move around or slouch down to the bottom of the vest once they deplete. The tight pockets keep the Cooling Packs in place and in contact with your lower back for maximum cooling. Here are a few tips to help get the packs into your Vest Garment:

  1. Make sure the Cooling Packs are solid/frozen.
  2. Lay your Vest Garment on a flat surface in front of you with the cooling packs above the pockets easily in reach.
  3. Lean over your Vest Garment and place your forearms on either side of one of the pockets.
  4. Using slight pressure with your forearms, pull the fabric in opposite directions. This will allow the pocket to be wider than the Cooling Pack.
  5. While maintaining pressure and pulling the fabric in opposite directions, use your left finger to pull open the pocket. Use your right fingers to slide the Cooling Pack into the vest.
  6. Let go.
  7. Repeat the process with the other three pockets.

You can also view our video on how to insert the cooling packs

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