Other companies' ice and gel packs, and some of the colder PCM packs, feel colder because they freeze at 32°F/0°C, but they are dangerous for your skin. You will have to wear a T-shirt between the other companies' cooling packs and your skin, so you don't experience ice burn—no T-shirt is needed with ThermApparel Cooling Packs. 

The other companies' packs are so cold that they are not cooling as effectively. When they contact your skin, your blood vessels constrict. Constricted blood vessels slow the dissipation of heat from the circulatory system by not allowing the blood to move through the body. Because ThermApparel Cooling Packs don’t constrict blood vessels your blood is cooled as it passes the Cooling Packs, your body then pumps the cooled blood through your system cooling you down.

With our 70°F/21°C Cooling Packs, you will feel cool and comfortable at a temperature that feels natural to your skin and body. Your blood vessels won't constrict, your blood keeps flowing and your blood will cool, which will cool off your entire body instead of just the area where the ice or gel packs make contact. Our Cooling Packs help pull the heat out of your body, cooling you down. Our Cooling Packs are also safe against your skin and won’t cause ice burns like other ice and gel packs can.

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