You need an extra set of ThermApparel Cooling Packs so you can extend the time you spend doing the things you love! 

If you need to be in the heat or exercise longer than one set of ThermApparel Cooling Packs will last, you can replace your melted ThermApparel Cooling Packs with your second set for more cooling time. 

ExampleSay you are at a family function, like someone’s graduation celebration, during the summer out in a park in the heat. Once you start to overheat you would normally have to go sit in the car with the AC on or leave the party and go home. With an extra set of ThermApparel Cooling Packs, you can switch out the depleted set for the fresh set and keep enjoying the party with your family.

If you only have 1 set of ThermApparel Cooling Packs and are in this type of situation, take your depleted cooling packs and put them in the drink cooler. The ice water will refreeze them in 20 min. Then slide them back in your vest and keep enjoying the party.

Extra Cooling Pack Tip: Take a small cooler of ice water with you and leave your second set of ThermApparel Cooling Packs in the ice water. When you need to switch out they will be ready to go and you can recharge the expired set in about 20 min in the ice water.

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