The simple answer is, that if it were cheaper it would not be as effective. Made in the USA, in Rochester NY, the ThemApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest embodies the highest quality with the best design and materials for your comfort and your body's safety.

The ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest will not harm anyone. It's safe against hypothermia and ice burns on the skin, doesn’t have to be worn wet, and will not condensate, causing wet spots that feel and look bad. What value does a cheaper vest have? If it remains in your closet because you are too embarrassed to wear it, well, then it is of zero value. 

Please look closely at all vests on the market before you buy, and keep your health and safety needs in mind when making your decision if a ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest is right for you. 

Dave Bexfield of ActiveMSer’s has independently reviewed 20+ different cooling vests and has created an amazing Cooling Vest Guide. Check it out, it’s worth the read and will help you find the correct vest for you.

Questions about our vests or shipping? Reach out to the ThermApparel team toll-free at 855-232-7233, write to us through our website’s contact form or chat with us via live chat. We always respond because, otherwise, that wouldn't be cool.