Powerful list, powerful thoughts. ThermApparel  has close friends and family with MS and have watched their struggles and victories.

Starting on this path of creating UnderCool, the world's best lightweight, comfortable and invisible cooling vest has opened our eyes to the world of MS from both sides.

We feel like we have just been diagnosed and are trying to come to grips with everything MS, neurological, rare disease, etc... It's overwhelming and sometimes too much. We are trying to read every blog, every white paper, every source to learn more, in order to help more people.

We came across the blog Modern Day MS and Carrie Stroud's post from September 26, 2014, Ten Things You Should Know When Your Spouse Has MS. It really struck home with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

It's a quick read, 5 min and she goes into deeper depth with each number. Give it a read and let us know your thoughts.

1. You are going to cry
2. When you feel like things cannot get any worse, remember that your spouse feels those feelings 10x more than you do.
3. You are going to feel angry. 
4. Don't be scared. 
5. Let others take some of your burden.
6. Be glad to make sacrifices, but remember to take care of yourself as well.  
7. Try to keep any negativity that you might feel away from your spouse.  
8.  Fight. 
9. It's not their fault. 
10.  Put the fear aside. 

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about Carrie Stroud

Carrie Stroud is a photographer, blogger and wife to a husband with MS.  Check out Carrie Stroud Photography  and her blog All that is Sweet is Life. Stay connected with Modern Day MS on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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