Phase Change Material (PCM) is a category used to describe various materials capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy during the melting/freezing process, known as thermal dynamic properties. PCMs absorb and release thermal energy during this process. What does that mean? They absorb your body heat slowly over time to keep you cool and comfortable, even in humid environments. 

ThermApparel’s PCM is USDA-certified non-toxic and biodegradable. We chose it because it outperforms paraffin, salt hydrates, gel, and ice in several areas like:

  • long-term stability
  • sourced from recyclable materials
  • won’t get you wet or burn your skin
  • no dangerous oils or hard-to-clean paraffin waxes

Our lightweight and flexible PCM Cooling Packs are reusable, making them able to be recharged over and over again. Read more about PCM on our blog.

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