Happy 5 years to ThermApparel! And here's to many, many more!

We can all agree it has been an “interesting” past five years.  But as far as ThermApparel goes we wouldn’t ask for it any other way. What stands out to us and keeps us excited about coming to the office every day, besides our awesome coworkers, are all the stories we receive from you. The adventures we hear and get to contribute to (in our own small way) are astounding! If you haven't heard them check out the Now I Can stories on our blog and social media. 



"My goal is to improve the quality of life however possible for both MS and POTS patients (and everyone!) I am grateful that your product has helped my family."

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"MS is such a tiring disease. I was a very physical person, I was a coach. The ThermApparel Cooling Vest made a world of difference. It gave me my life back. I know that sounds a little dramatic. But I can now do things with my family and my wife that I couldn't do before."

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"Giving the ThermApparel Cooling Vest a try was the coolest thing that has happened since having my daughter, I have been able to take her hiking, berry picking, and gardening. I can now sit outside in the humidity and watch her swim. "

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As some of you, who have been with us since the beginning, may know we have been on an adventure of our own. We moved from a tiny 200 sq. ft. closet office to one with windows. That first office was so small that if Brad needed to leave the room Kurtis had to get up and move his chair. Then that office became two when we began manufacturing ourselves here in the USA.  And last year during the pandemic we moved to a larger space in the downtown of our adopted city Rochester, NY.  

We have striven to improve by listening to your stories and needs. We created a longer-lasting pack in 2020 to better suit your individual cooling needs. We released the UnderCool 2.0 in 2021 for better fit and comfort. And as more years go by there will be many more things to come! Thanks in advance for your continued feedback, ideas, and support.

As the 2022 spring and summer season gets into full swing we are looking forward to being out and about in the community again. CMSC here we come!

Brad and Kurtis in the 2nd office–there was so much more space!!

Marathon packing of the backorders when we introduced the White Garment.


Kurtis at the Missions Steps Walk for MS Resources of Central New York


Kurtis and Brad at CMSC in Nashville - The food and music was amazing. We almost didn't come home. 


Kurtis and Brad at Walk MS in Rochester, NY


Julia and Kurtis making the first official sale for ThermApparel!!


Brad and Kurtis - Cooler Than You - at a fundraiser for RAA, Rochester Accessible Adventures. 


If you're wondering where Julia is in all the photos.....well, because she is a professional photographer she is the one always taking the photos. HA!! We will be better about getting her in the photos in the future. Here is the most recent one of her and the guys as cartoon characters in the new office. 

Do you have a Now I Can story that you want to share with us? We would love to hear all about it. Give us a holler as fast as you can. 


ThermApparel is a small business making big waves in the heat sensitivity world by designing the first lightweight, comfortable and invisible cooling vest, UnderCool. Check us out online, on our blog, or FacebookTwitter, PinterestLinkedIn and Instagram.

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