With a new summer season comes new cooling solutions.  One thing we have heard from some customers is wishing they didn't have straps to make it easier to get the cooling on.  This reduces the stability of the cooling garment against your body but for many people that's not a problem.  We developed many prototypes for a new strapless design, making it easier to put on and allow wearers to do it on "the fly" without having to take off their shirt.  We settled on a product that provides even more cooling than the UnderCool, is one-size-fits all, and flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways. Meet RallyWrap.

Rally Wrap with 2 PCM Cooling Packs pulled out of pockets

1. Many ways to Use

The RallyWrap is ThermApparels most versatile design. We have always prided ourselves on making better designed products that are geared specific uses. But there are many times when you could use some of the great cooling you have grown accustomed to but our vests, headbands, and sleeves just dont fit your needs at the moment. 

The RallyWrap solves this problem by being the most personally configurable product we sell.  Think of it as a long strip that holds up to 8 cooling packs.  You can wear it as belt to get full torso cooling. You can Wear it as a sash with a few cooling packs in select pockets to nurse your injured elbow. Or you can spread it out on a bench at your kids baseball game for a nice coolpad. The simplicity of the design allows for so much customization.

Woman Wearing RallyWrap in Belt Configuration

Wearing as a Belt

Man wearing RallyWrap in shoulder configuration

Wearing over the Shoulder



Tennis Player sitting on bench with RallyWrap drinking water

Using as a Cooling Seat Cushion




2. It Works with Cooling Packs from all ThermApparel Vests

The same cooling packs you’ve fallen in love with in our other cooling vests fit perfectly in the Rally Wrap.  If you’ve already gotten an UnderCool or UltraCool, you can purchase just the garment (and maybe some extra packs)  and you have another versatile cooling product for hot days.

3. Long Lasting Powerful Cooling Relief

Fitted with ExtendedCool Cooling Packs, the RallyWrap should provide 2-3 hours of cooling in most conditions.  That's plenty of time to enjoy a baseball game or have a picnic in the park. If you need more cooling time, remember our cooling packs recharge in the fridge, freezer, or icewater. And they freeze faster than they melt, so buy an extra set of cooling packs and you’ll never run out of cooling.

With up to double the cooling surface area of the UnderCool 3, the RallyWrap also provides double the cooling relief.  If you find you need more cooling on especially hot and humid days, the RallyWrap may be the perfect double play for your cooling needs.

Dodgers Stadium view down first base line from upper deck


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