As much as we hate to admit it, nothing is better for you than exercise. The new year is in full swing and all everyone is talking about is getting into shape. If you're considering joining the workout bandwagon, we have just the tips to get you started:

Note: Always consult your doctor before starting a new workout routine.

An MS Beginner's Guide to Workouts

Active MSer Dave Bexfield is always a treasure trove of anything MS-related. His compilation of workouts for MS does not disappoint. Check out his guide for staying active with MS.


An Intermediate MS Guide to Workouts

Everyday Health is a great source of MS tips and tricks across all demographics. If you've been living with MS for several years and are looking for ways to keep up your strength and stamina, this guide is for you!


An Advanced MS Guide to Workouts

There's no way we could leave out Health Line! If you've been living with advanced MS and are looking for a simple and safe way to workout your body


I hope these guides are helpful for you as you start your active journey. If you're worried about overheating while exercising, we have just the solution for you.