“I have some pretty exciting news for those of you needing to stay cool during workouts and activities during the summer heat. I know we have all tried the many cooling vests on the market only to be disappointed by the bulkiness of the vests and the difficulty in moving while wearing them. I couldn't even do a bench exercise with any of them due to the ice packs being so big my back would not stay flat on a bench!

So, an amazing cooling vest company, Thermapparel, reached out to me and sent me their vest to try. Of course I was skeptical since I have a box of vests I don't use. But I figured what the heck...if they send me a vest and it sucks, I'll just send it back.

I've been training with their very uniquely designed vest for several weeks now and:

#1 it is NOT bulky

#2 it fits great

#3 the ice packs are streamlined so I can actually lay flat on a bench!

#4 it stays cold enough through my full workout

#5 it cools my whole body by just placing the ice packs in the lower back sleeves

I am SOLD on this vest and I'll be posting videos of me training wearing the vest in the coming weeks. “