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The holidays are here, whether you love them or hate them there’s no getting around them. ThermApparel has a special relationship with the holidays this year. We have added some really special people to the ThermApparel family. All of you. We would like to thank you for allowing us into your lives. We are grateful for all your support and stories. We wish you and your family the very best for the holiday season and a wonderful start to the new year.

Now. I. Can. amazing stories from customers

Now I Can came about through the power of stories from our customers. People are now able to do things that they couldn't before. These stories are why we get up in the morning, they are our inspiration that drives ThermApparel. Please tell us your Now I Can story.    share your now I can moment

Rita as Mrs. Claus and her husband as Santa. Rita is wearing her UnderCool!

Now I Can. 
“We got to play Santa & Mrs & take photos w/Santa for 400 precious kiddos at a local event one evening. We had a blast, and committed to do it again next year. It would have been impossible for me without my UnderCool”.          
~ Rita

what can you do now?

making it better - nominate your clinic

In this season of giving, ThermApparel wants to help and acknowledge all of those wonderful people who work hard every day to make lives better. We need your help to do this. Tell us about that special clinic that goes the extra mile to make your life better, is it the physical therapist that has helped you to be able to say Now I Can, or the physician assistant that always takes the time to truly explain things or whatever makes your clinic amazing. We want to celebrate them by providing them with a supply of demo UnderCools! We will add up all the entries and the one that gets the most wins : )  Please nominate your local clinic.

tips & tricks

MS Research Translated: Impact of pre-cooling therapy on MS patients.

A new systematic review of studies related to MS and cooling the body was published recently.  If you want to read the full report click here. Otherwise, we will gladly give you a quick review here.

Happy Holidays!
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Kurtis + Brad + Julia


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