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Product page: EV4 Mountain Cart

Electirc Mountain Cart designed to take disabled riders off-road. We don't know about you all but we are super excited to see this and the guys are wanting to give it a try. lol.


Jack Skopinski's rivet-packing electric trikes and four-wheelers like to tilt. It's become something of a signature for EV4 machines over the years. But now the Polish engineer has created an off-road electric trail hugger that doesn't sport a tilting mechanism. The EV4 Mountain Cart is designed to allow disabled riders to cleanly and quietly zip down dirt tracks, up grassy hills and through forest trails.

Skopinski has retained the industrial aesthetic for the aviation-grade aluminum frame with welded steel swingarms and head-turning color schemes, so the new member of the EV4 family won't look too out of place in an identity parade.

The Mountain Cart features two 1,000 W BLDC rear hub motors controlled by an electric throttle on the handlebar. Top speed is reported to be 40 km/h (25 mph), and there's a 36 V/23 Ah battery pack under the front rack that offers a range per 3-4 hour charge of 50-80 km (30-50 mi).

Each of the four 20 inch wheels wrapped in 20x2.125 Kenda tires has hydraulic disc braking, and the 160 x 138 x 90 cm (63 x 54 x 35 in) EV4 Mountain Cart has four bicycle shocks help smooth out the bumps. An LCD display allows user to keep tabs on remaining charge and track trip info.

The seat -- with seatbelt -- is adjustable for different sized riders, and the vehicle can accommodate a maximum rider and cargo weight of 130 kg (286.6 lb).

The EV4 Mountain Cart isn't road legal though, so you'll have to find a suitable adventure trail to take it for a spin. It's available now, prices start at US$5,285. The video below shows the vehicle in action.


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