Gain the Benefits of Keeping Your Core Cool When Things Heat Up!

AUGUST 10TH, 2021 | 52:37 | E22


Brad Dunn and Kurtis Kracke from ThermApparel share their expertise on the benefits of cooling when living with MS! They also share evidence-based strategies on how to keep your cool when things heat up you can begin using immediately.


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Use discount code: MSFC to  receive 10% off your purchase of ThermApparrel's UnderCool Vest.

Organizations offering financial assistance for cooling products: (Please note: You can only get an UnderCool Cooling Vest from the MS Foundation and the MS Society. UnderCool is not available through MSAA, but they do have other cooling options that might work for you.

MS Foundation - 888-673-6287

National MS Society - 1-800-344-4867

MSAA - 800-532-7667

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Brad Dunn
Maureen Manley
Kurtis Kracke