ROCHESTER, NY, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022/ -- There’s no argument the climate is changing and it’s getting brutally hotter. Whether at work, rest, or play, the heat is dangerous, causing more deaths than ever before. That’s why ThermApparel, the maker of the world’s first barely visible, super lightweight cooling vest (the UnderCool) is encouraging people to be aware of their #HeatIQ by taking a short quiz.

People can no longer be cavalier about the heat: “Regardless of physical condition, once someone feels hot or thirsty, they have been exposed too long and are already experiencing fatigue that can be debilitating and linger for days,” said Kurtis Kracke, CEO and founder of ThermApparel. “That’s why advanced planning is critical and should be the norm.”

It’s not just about the cooling vest: ThermApparel’s appeal for heat vigilance is more about advocating. “Cooling vests are the best way to stay cool but beyond the vest, most people don’t know what a heat index is, or what the “feels like” temperature might be, or how humidity and direct sunlight impact heat, or how much you can lower your body temperature by using an umbrella or other cooling tools.

“As a company focused solely on helping people do more by staying cool, we know something about heat and we know the average person has a very low heat tolerance and an even lower #HeatIQ. Lack of knowledge and planning, combined with routine scorching hot temperatures are a recipe for disaster,” Kracke added.

It’s about staying active, beating the heat, not hiding from it. ThermApparel has developed a seven-part easy to read blog series to educate every-day people about the heat, its effects on our body, how our bodies cool, and how to make a personalized cooling plan. The blog series provides key details you don’t see in local weather reports or on excessive heat warnings, watches, or advisories either.


Now is the Time to Think Cool - Take The HeatIQ Quiz Now!

(True or False)
1) I’m young and healthy, I’ll just work or play until I can’t anymore, heat won’t bother me. (F)
2) If I suffer heat exhaustion or heat stress today, I’ll rest and be fine tomorrow. (F)
3) Certain medical conditions can increase my risk of heat-related illness. (T)
4) A significant number of medications, many of which are over the counter, can reduce my tolerance to heat. (T)
5) If you had a heat-related illness once, it is more likely to occur again. (T)
6) Direct sunlight can increase the heat index (or “feels like” temperature) up to 13.5 degrees Fahrenheit. (T)
7) For a significant portion of the US, humidity can raise the “feels like” temperature 7-16 degrees Fahrenheit on a normal day. (T)
8) Drinking water will prevent heat-related illness. (F)
9) Cooling vests with cooling packs, work just as well in humid environments as arid environments. (T)
10) Different environments require different strategies for cooling. (T)

Click here for the extended answers:

ThermApparel was founded by two industrial designers working on inclusive design. With community input, they set out to create the world's first lightweight, comfortable, and invisible, cooling vest (the UnderCool) so people with debilitating heat and inflammatory conditions (like MS) can have a healthy and active lifestyle. The UnderCool vest is light years ahead of what people expect, it feels good on your body and disappears under a blouse or t-shirt. Most cooling equipment is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. For more information call 855-232-7233 or visit