Over the last year, we have gotten many a befuddled look when we say that our Cooling Packs freeze at room temperature. It is a confusing thing, since we all think of freezing as "ice cold".  The best way I can think of to describe it is like a stick of butter. It's a solid stick when it's in your fridge, but when it's out on your table it gets softer and when you stick put it in a hot pan it melts. (Butter's actual melting point is between 90-95F)

We talk alot about how the freezing temperature of our packs is good because it means that it is safe for direct contact with the skin and won't cause your blood vessels to constrict from being too cold. But we have found some other benefits to this as well that make our cooling packs great for other reasons!

Because of the higher freezing temperature you don't have to have a freezer readily available to recharge them, a fridge or cooler with ice water works just as well. A customer in Florida last year was able to recharge her cooling packs throughout the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, when she didn't have A/C or power because of a cooler. Read more here........    

You can also recharge them fast, like really fast, like 20 minutes fast, all you need is ice water.  Because water is a good conductor of energy, this is actually even faster than the fridge or freezer for our cooling packs, and this makes them even better for on the go activities or out at events where coolers are readily available. (BBQ's and Sporting events anyone?)

Watch this video to see just how fast our cooling packs recharge in ice water.