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We have a Now I Can story from the least scary person and maybe the world biggest Do-Gooder of them all, plus check out the awesome lifehack from a really cool customer.

I saw my first Christmas tree yesterday, so it must be October, lol. It’s one of my favorite months of the year, and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, you would think it would be a slow time to be in the cooling business. I say nay nay, cooling vests helps anyone who is overheating. The cause of overheating can be from a health condition to exercise to a costume or even those overly warm holiday parties. That's right, you can wear your undercool under your Halloween costume, Santa suit or holiday outfit.

Our cooling vests are currently being worn by actors on hit NBC and Amazon Prime Video TV series all the way to the North Pole and Santa Claus. As you head out to holiday parties, costume or not, don't forget your UnderCool Cooling Vest, it helps you keep cool on the move.

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Montholy shopping Guide:July
Now I Can – cool stories from customers

Santa Jim, from Webster,  New York

Love my Cooling Vest, never have to worry about overheating again. It’s so slim it’s invisible under my vest or Santa Coat. Keeps me cool during those home  visits sitting near the fire place or in the hot sun at the Christmas  in July events. My ThermApparel Cooling Vest will always be part of my Santa Outfit, summer & winter.

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Montholy shopping Guide:July
making it better

Kim sent us her Now I Can story and her cool lifehack to make a pocket for her UnderCool. Thank you Kim for sharing!! They guys like the idea. Please share your stories and all your ideas. We read and respond to every single one. 

"My ThermApparel vest is such an awesome piece of equipment! I love, love, love the freedom it gives me during the hot weather. Since I live in Phoenix most of the year, this is particularly important to me. Even though my insurance company denied paying for the vests through multiple appeal levels, we purchased it out-of-pocket because we KNOW what the insurance companies have not yet realized: it works.

Anyhow, after using the cooling vest for a few days, I realized that there was something vital missing and I decided to do a small re-design on one of my own vests. You see, there are no pockets in the vest, which means I either have to ask my walking/hiking partner to put something in their pack or wear bulky cargo shorts to accomodate my stuff. On a short walk or hike, I prefer not to carry a backpack (which only makes one hotter). At any rate, on the vest in the pictures, I added an outer pocket large enough to carry a large iPhone and and inner pocket large enough to carry an assortment of things (I’ve included a small packet of tissues, a chapstick, keys, and a power bar. The fabrics I chose are lightweight and stretchy so they will hold the items tight to the body (I considered a top flap with Velcro but I was trying to keep it lightweight and minimal). I chose bright, splashy colors but of course one could stick with black or white which would blend in with the colors of one’s vest. One could choose two inner pockets, again for discretion or for added safety.

At any rate, others may have thought of this idea (indeed, YOU have probably thought of this idea) and perhaps there are lots of reasons why it isn’t practical on a wide ranging basis. Just thought I would share the love!"

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Montholy shopping Guide:July


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