Meet Marnie

Marnie is from New York State and is an active mom, wife and artist. When she was diagnosed with MS in 2015 she said one of the hardest adjustments to life with MS is the fatigue she would feel in the heat.

Because of her ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest Marnie is able to still stay active and creative. One of her passions is making Muppets and she made 19 full-size Muppet costumes for the National MS Society Monster Scramble.  

"I was pleasantly surprised how cool it kept me on the hot sand on an almost 90 degree day. I managed to stay for the entire concert and had a blast."



"I loved summer before my diagnosis, but it became a constant battle against fatigue. My friend Monika invited me to go see Teegan and the Tweeds, and I was super excited but the forecasted temperature kept going up. I told her, I will give it a shot with my ThermApparel vest but told her it likely would have to be cut short due to the heat. I was pleasantly surprised how cool it kept me on the hot sand on an almost 90 degree day. I managed to stay for the entire concert and had a blast."



Passion: I absolutely love making Muppets. My daughter wanted to be a Snouth (pink monsters from the Manamana song) when she was two and a half. A few years later I wore it to a Halloween party at Memorial Art Gallery, and I was approached by a guy asking if he could commission Muppets for the local Emmett Otter Christmas show. I said I don’t think there’s any way to make them affordably enough to sell, but in exchange for tickets to the show I would loan them out. Then, once you have 7 Muppets made…



Bragging Rights: I was tasked with creating a Muppet style puppet of a news producer (Vanessa Cheeks), and she appeared on WROC TV Channel 8 with Adam Chodak. The goal was to create a character who could explain scary news stories in a less scary way.

Mentality: (For the Rochester, NY MS Society's Monster Scramble at Mt. Hope Cemetery Marnie made 19 Muppet Costumes) I realized 19 was perhaps excessive, but was motivated by Kermit’s line about wanting to make millions of people happy. I didn’t really expect millions, but thought a lot of people would smile watching 19 Muppets get off the shuttle bus at the MS Monster Scramble.

Creating the Muppets for the Monster Scramble was pure joy. Many of them are made from the foam that comes inside the cooler bags for my MS meds.  


Marnie's ThermApparel Cooling Vest of choice:

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