Thanks to the UnderCool Cooling Vest, ThermApparel is renowned for its concealable and comfortable cooling gear and cooling solutions that perform well in any hot humid and hot dry environments. We understand that many people working in the heat or living with heat sensitivity often sacrifice comfort and visibility for maximum cooling coverage. Sometimes, the environment is just too hot, or you’re out too long and need additional cooling.

ThermApparel listened and set out to develop a new Cooling Vest that maintained the key features of the UnderCool, which made ThermApparel a trusted name in personal cooling. After testing hundreds of prototypes, we realized that none were as effective as the UnderCool. Then, it hit us like a boulder hitting the coyote in the Road Runner cartoons: we should base it on what works—the UnderCool!

Using the UnderCool as our base, we enhanced it with the ultimate cooling capabilities while retaining all its original features—female-friendly, comfortable, and flexible. And thus, the UltraCool Cooling Vest was born!

UltraCool Cooling Power

The UltraCool has 8-10 Cooling Packs depending on size providing complete cooling around the waist and back. This increased cooling coverage allows for greater absorption of body heat, delivering enhanced relief and extended cooling times. The M/L size includes 8 Cooling Packs, while the XL/XXL size includes 10 Cooling Packs.

Unbeatable Comfort and Flexibility

The added weight of the packs is hardly noticeable, thanks to our 4-way stretch fabrics. These fabrics provide the flexibility and comfort you expect from ThermApparel. Additionally, we design our garments to accommodate all body shapes and sizes. Sizing is based on your natural waist, so your hip, chest, or cup size doesn't matter. Unlike other cooling vests designed mainly for men, our UltraCool design is female-friendly, with front Cooling Packs that won't compress the chest. It allows unrestricted movement for anyone who wears it.


Costume Friendly

UltraCool, featuring Cooling Packs in both the back and front, is ideal for customers who wear full-body costumes, including mascots, furries, historical reenactments, Renaissance festival knights, performers, and Santa.

Furry defrsuiting and showing cooling vest

Even more Cooling Time

Thanks to the additional cooling packs, UltraCool's cooling time lasts up to an hour longer than the UnderCool 3. This means you can enjoy up to 4 hours of cooling with just one set of cooling packs. That's plenty of time to get through most activities without changing packs or to reach your lunch break for an easy pack switch out.


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Here's a quick overview of our blog post and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at anytime. 855-232-7233 (yes we really do answer the phone)

  • Renowned Cooling Solutions: ThermApparel’s UnderCool Cooling Vest excels in hot environments.

  • Customer-Centric Design: Focuses on maximizing cooling without sacrificing comfort and visibility.

  • Innovation Driven by Feedback: The UltraCool Cooling Vest builds on the trusted UnderCool, ensuring it remains female-friendly, comfortable, and flexible.

  • UltraCool Cooling Power:

    • 8-10 Cooling Packs, depending on size.
    • Full cooling around the waist and back.
    • M/L size: 8 packs; XL/XXL size: 10 packs.
    • Enhanced heat absorption for longer relief.
  • Unbeatable Comfort and Flexibility:

    • 4-way stretch fabrics for comfort.
    • Fits all body shapes and sizes.
    • Female-friendly design with no chest compression.
    • Allows unrestricted movement.
  • Costume Friendly: Ideal for full-body costumes like mascots, furries, reenactors, performers, and Santa.

  • Extended Cooling Time:

    • Lasts up to an hour longer than UnderCool 3.
    • Up to 4 hours of cooling per set, ideal for most activities.