Welcome to the home page for the Blog series: Crafting a Personalized Cooling Plan.

Do you suffer from the heat? Do you have heat sensitivity?  You've come to the right place.

Dive into the science of how our bodies deal with heat and heat sensitivity, how different environments require different strategies for cooling, and the many strategies available to reduce the risk of heat so you can improve your #HeatIQ and make a plan to keep doing the things you love. 


Part 1: Improve your #HeatIQ

Overview of our blog series; Crafting a Personalized Cooling Plan. We are diving into the science of how our bodies deal with heat, how different environments require different strategies for cooling, and the many strategies available to reduce the risk of heat.


Part 2: Why a Cooling Plan is important

A good plan is a preventative plan – because the stress imposed by heat on our bodies has lasting consequences 🥵😥 Once you realize you are overheating, it is too late to avoid some of those harmful effects.


Part 3: Personal risk factors for heat stress

This blog focuses on YOU! Walk through your risk factors for heat stress to help you make better decisions for your cooling plan. This is a must-read, especially for those caring for children or older adults. 


Part 4: Environmental factors of heat-related illness

There are 5 main environmental factors imposed on us by our surroundings. We deal with them in our daily routines and most likely don't know they are affecting us. 


Part 5: Actions you can take

Do you know what you can control when it comes to your risk of heat-related illness? Learn what you have control over. How the actions you take/or don’t take affect your choices and how to prepare. 


Part 6: Building the Ultimate Cooling Toolbox 

Wondering how to assemble THE ultimate cooling toolkit for COOL summer fun? We’ve got you covered! We take a deep dive into cooling aids for different situations and environments. 



Part 7: Developing your Cooling Plan

Build an easy custom cooling plan using cooling gear like the ThermApparel Cooling Vest to mitigate your...


ThermApparel Cooling Vests

Learn about the tech behind ThermApparel Cooling Vests and why it's the right cooling vest for you. 


Now I Can: AnnaMarie

I wasn't sure I could do it, but I survived 100F / 37C degrees in the Wadi Rum Desert of Jordan. I had a cooling plan and...


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